The attempt by Wesley Girls High School and the GES to massage the ignoble act of religious discrimination has been exposed. The leadership of the two institutions went into a meeting and subtly created the impression that, Fasting causes health conditions among Muslims and other groups who fast.

What an irresponsible way of responding to an obvious illegality!

From time immemorial, Doctors and Scientists have acknowledged the health benefits of Fasting. Who are you to turn the face of truth to suit your narrow, parochial and callous agenda of discriminating against Islam? Where is this new theory coming from? The assertion that, Muslims develop unpleasant health conditions when they fast is a fallacy and a shameful lie

If all these ignorant people care to know, the rules of Fasting provides that, people who have health challenges are exempted from Fasting. In which case, if the girl had any health condition for which she should not fast, the parents would have known and informed the school authorities accordingly. So on what grounds did Wesley Girls High School deny the student the right to fast?

Without seeking knowledge before going into that embarrassing meeting, the safe assumption is that, both men could have a predetermined motive to justify the action of the school.

Islam will continue to soar until the end of time. No power nor force can stop the progress of Islam in the whole wide world.

So those who think they can arrogate to themselves, the mission to destroy Islam must be ready to confront a moving train. Thank you.

2nd May, 2021