Television personality Bridget Otoo has expressed worry over Kuami Eugene’s display of ignorance on the ongoing #fixthecountry campaign on Twitter.

Kuami who reacted to the campaign in an interview said the people of Ghana need to fix their mentality before calling on the government to fix the country.

“My concern is the entertainment industry, every stakeholder from the content creator to the DJs and presenters, we should prioritize our creative pieces just like we do to other nationals."

“On our music charts which are supposed to be a Ghanaian Chart, we see more of Nigerian music mostly topping these charts and we need to fix our mentality towards our own people and what is produced here then after that is achieved, we can channel this energy to help fix our country.”

But reacting to the Rock Star’s position, Bridget Otoo who is one of the leading faces behind the campaign said “The nerve of the ignorance”.

The protest mainly led by the youth is drawing attention to the lack of opportunities for the youth and general living conditions in the country. The concerns range from the recent fuel price increment to wastage in public office by political officeholders.