A female student at the Adobewura community Day Senior High School in the Atwima Mponuah District of the Ashanti Region has died after attempting to abort her unborn baby.

The first year student who has been identified as Janet Owusu is reported to have used a weedicide as a concoction to get rid of the baby.

According to media reports, Janet Owusu immediately collapsed immediately after drinking the concoction.

She was rushed to Ntobroso Hospital where she was later then referred to the Komfo Anokye Emergency Unit where she passed away.

The Assemblyman of the area Mr. Anane Boateng who is also a board member of the school said the alleged boyfriend of the deceased and also a first-year student has been apprehended by the Nyinahin District Police Command.

Cases of abortions are recorded to have shot up in Ghana over the last five years as figures from the Ghana Health Service show the spread in the number of quack doctors continues to pose a grave threat to the reproductive health of the female population.

As it stands now, unsafe abortions are strictly frowned upon in Ghana and also considered a criminal offense punishable by law.