American microblogging and social networking service - Twitter, may in the coming days suspend the official account of Ghanaian lawyer and politician - Sammy Gyamfi, following his irresponsible and insensitive tweet.

This is after some Ghanaian registered users called the attention of the California-based company to turn down the account of the NDC Chief Communicator, for using the very devastating death of an Afrian-American - George Floyd, for his selfish political gains.

Sammy's tweet

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Gyamfi Gyamfi astonishingly tweeted a cartoon of  Ghana President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and EC chairperson - Mrs Jean Mensa with the caption 'I can't breathe!',

It is believed the NDC communication boss sort to suggest in his rather appalling tweet that, the Ghanaian leader and the country's election management body are strangulating the citizenry in their quest to compile a new voters' register come what may.

Users get offended

Ghanaian Twitter users who were offended over Mr. Gyamfi's tweet, have since launched a barrage of attack on him for playing politics with someone's death, thereby calling for his account to be turned down.

Nii Amartey Amarboye reported: "Hello @Twitter and @Jack, this tweet doesn't speak well about the Present of Ghana. Please take this account down".

Another user, Kwahu Borga tweeted: "Let’s all report this post. It’s very insensitive. A family has lost a dear one which has caused a movement across the globe and all you could do is rub it into politics? Smh"

Meanwhile, find below these 9 ways Twitter can punish you for nasty tweets:

1. Twitter can use its algorithm to ensure that your tweet reaches a smaller audience.

2. Twitter can block you from tweeting. It might do this if you post something in violation of the rules, something that Twitter wants you to delete. Twitter can also block you from tweeting if you’ve sent someone a private message that violates its rules.

3. Twitter can hide your tweet from users in a specific country, assuming that the content of the tweet violates local laws. Twitter says it requires a “valid and properly scoped request from an authorized entity in that country” in order to do this.

4. Twitter can block you from sending another user a private message if you’ve sent messages to that user that violate company rules.

5. Twitter can hide your profile if you post photos or information that violate its policies. That could include inappropriate media, such as a profile picture that might contain violence, like a gruesome accident photo, or something sexual, like nudity.

6. Twitter can put you in time-out — what the company calls “read-only” mode — if it thinks you are going on a bit of a rampage. This means you can’t actually post, reply to or like anyone else’s tweets, but you can still log in and scroll through your timeline. This read-only setting could last as little as 12 hours or as long as seven days.

7. Twitter can temporarily lock you out of your account until you verify your identity — using either a phone number or email. That way you can’t be an anonymous Twitter troll. “This also helps us identify violators who are operating multiple accounts for abusive purposes and take action on such accounts,” the company wrote.

8. Twitter can suspend you forever. It has done this a few times with well-known users, most notably with Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos back in mid-2016.

9. Twitter can remove your verification badge.

Source: with facts from Twitter