Bella of Date Rush fame says that any potential boy friend must at least give her a monthly stipend of GHC10,000 and also must be able to take care of her needs.

She says that she has three tattoos on her body to cover some scars on her body and not for the fun of it.

According to Bella there are a lot of GH Media ladies on the show because the guys in the school do not have cash to burn.

She also adds that she is a jealous type and will not feel comfortable If she dates a boy on campus because someone may try to snatch her boyfriend.

The Date Rush star says as she sits there for an interview with ZionFelix, her entire appearance from head to toe cost more than GHC1,000.

She says that at least her daily budget is like GHC500 daily so for the week it should be GHC2,5000 meaning a month will be like GHC10,000.

Her outlandish demands also includes start up capital to set up something and that she hates failed promises when it comes to money.