Embattled self styled spiritualist Patricia Asieduaa popularly known and referred to as Nana Agradaa is in some hot waters.

The con artiste who has notoriously devised means in doubling money is in the grips of the Police after she was picked up for operating two TV Stations illegally and also showing deceptive content on her station.

Nana Agradaa who operates two TV stations on the Multi TV satellite platforms advertises what she calls 'sika gari' a charm she performs for gullible persons to double or increase their money overnight.

Since her arrest, this portal has chanced on an in an interview Nana Agradaa did with actor turned Youtuber Kwaku Manu where she says its only persons who are not good Christians or no the God they worship who will come to her for sika gari.

"You that you are going to fight for that person coming to my end if the person knew Jesus Chirst why would he/she come to me?"she quized.

"If you know  your God or the holy spirit that protects you why would you come to my end.

And when I am doing my adverts I do not mention anybodies name to come to my place so to me as soon as you decide to come to my place then it means you don't know or believe your God."