Ghana's indigenous e-Commerce and SMS messaging company,, has partnered with Visa, to expand access to seamless payments on its e-Commerce platform.

This provides consumers with access to more merchant services on Hubtel’s e-Commerce platforms. It also allows Hubtel to explore further innovative payment services such as ‘tap to phone’, amongst others, to reduce the dependency on cash, especially among small businesses. and other secure digital market places have witnessed more Ghanaians patronising e-Commerce since the pandemic, subsequently leading to an increase in the usage of digital payments.

With the partnership, Hubtel’s merchants will be able to access payments made by customers in real-time, avoiding delays sometimes experienced in the settlement process.

In addition, consumers can count on Visa’s trusted security tools and solutions to make their transactions secure.

Country Manager for Visa Ghana, Adoma Peprah, commenting on the partnership said, “Working with Hubtel is part of our overall strategy to eliminate barriers to global commerce for merchants and consumers. Through this partnership, we aim to help them navigate the exciting opportunities in payments, develop game-changing products that address real consumer challenges, and enhance their speed to market.

“We believe that partnerships are key to strengthening Ghana’s innovation pipeline, drive emerging technologies and, over the long-term, safeguard the sustainable growth of the payment’s ecosystem,” Adoma added.

Since 2005, Hubtel has delivered billions of business-critical SMS messages and pioneered mobile banking and online payments in Ghana.

Hubtel has positioned itself to dominate in e-Commerce just as it has done with its transformational work in fintech and bulk messaging while also the company has continued to innovate for retailers and their customers through seamless integration of the shopping experience in-store, online and on mobile.

Hailing the partnership with Visa, Alex Bram, CEO of Hubtel, noted that, “Payments are the core of our business which is why we have collaborated with Visa to continue delivering convenient, secure and seamless payment capabilities to our customers who have embraced e-Commerce in the wake of the pandemic.”