The Wa Polytechnic chapter of the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana (POTAG), has called on the Governing Council of the institution to cancel an upcoming induction ceremony for its Rector, Owusu Marfo.

This follows series of allegations of financial malfeasance and breaches of the procurement regulations leveled against him.

Speaking to Citi News, the Local Chairman of POTAG, Damie Mubashir, alleged that the rector procured a vehicle for himself at the cost of over five hundred thousand Ghana cedis without the approval of the Governing Council.

He further cited other financial irregularities as basis for their call.

“The Unions are raising red flags against the induction of the Rector. We all know that the induction is an inaugural ceremony for the Rector. He has been in office for one year now. This coming Saturday is the day that Council has scheduled to induct him, but we think it is inappropriate to induct him when there are allegations of financial malfeasance- massive financial fraud against him,” Mr. Mubashir said.

He believes the Rector should not be inducted into office since he had “abused his office.”

Mr. Mubashir further suggested a suspension of Mr. Marfo’s induction until he is cleared of the allegations.

“We have resolved that until he is cleared of these allegations, the Council should not induct him into office.”

He indicated that the chapter will head to court if Mr. Marfo is inducted on Saturday.

“We have asked our lawyer to file an injunction on his induction and I am thinking that as I am speaking to you the Governing Council has received its writ of summons hence the induction ceremony will not come off. We think that for fairness and justice the induction should not come off.”