Since being introduced to his music and craft somewhere early this year, I have maintained that fast rising Ghanaian act with a very distinct touch to his music Worlasi, is a ‘problem’ and I’m not surprised where he draws some inspiration from.

The musician who has over the past months captured the ears of great music lovers either with his own released records or featured singles has revealed he learns a lot from Wanlov Da Kubolor.

In a tweet to show his appreciation after the much publicized Nuse Concert which was held over the weekend at Alliance Francaise in Accra, Worlasi asserted the kokonsa hit maker is “the most creative writer” and that he learns his pidgin rap from him.

Not just that, Worlasi was also full of praise for Wanlov for being supportive of his career since day one.

A creative genius whose talent has perhaps been overshadowed by what many in the Ghanaian music industry have described as ‘controversial’ lifestyle, it is worth noting that Worlasi picks inspiration from that quarters.

As it is often said, birds of the same feathers flock together.

The two recently worked on the remix of Unlooking.

Worlasi since busting unto the music scene has released a number of songs a mixtape.