In the heat of his beef with Chris Brown, Soulja Boy went to Instagram to share a live broadcast which didn’t seem to end well for the controversial rapper.

During the broadcast, the rapper was approached an individual yelling, “What’s going on, man? They say Soulja Boy ain’t from the hood,” before putting his arm around the unidentified guy. The man then pushes Soulja away saying, “Get off me, though”; the phone drops, another dude picks the phone up, and then the broadcast ends.

Another angle of the confrontation shows more clearly that Soulja places his phone down after being confronted by the guy, and seems like he’s getting ready to fight. One of the other men there quickly picks up the phone, and seems like he wants to keep it. It should be noted that the man Soulja puts his arm around is wearing the same shirt as the self-proclaimed Piru members who seem very unhappy with Soulja (and very pro-Chris Brown).

">January 4, 2017
The footage quickly went viral, with many on social media insisting Soulja got jumped and robbed. Brown, of course, couldn’t help but to post his own responses to the embarrassing moment. Check them out below.