When people think about gaining weight, they feel that they can eat anything and get away with it. Sadly, this is not how it works. Even though it doesn't sound as challenging as losing weight, the journey towards weight gain is not easy. If you are looking for a weight gain inspiration, let Himanshu’s journey give you the much-needed motivation. His journey from a skinny guy who weighed a mere 45 kilos to a sculpted nutrition consultant, serves as a motivation for all those who are trying to gain weight in a healthy manner.

Name: Himanshu Vyas Occupation: Nutrition consultant Age: 23 years Lowest weight recorded: 45 kgs Weight gained: 20 kgs Duration took me to gain weight: 3 months The turning point: I was really skinny and underweight during my college days. It was only when an acquaintance approached me about my weight, that I realized I seriously needed to do something about my health. That was the day I started my fitness journey and I haven’t looked back ever since. Weight gain: This guy gained a massive 20 kilos in just 3 months! This is HOW he did it My Breakfast: I have egg whites or cottage cheese with green vegetables cooked in coconut oil. I ensure that I only have good sources of fat including desi ghee and olive oil. Lunch: I eat white rice, potatoes, kidney beans, 1 bowl of curd, 1 bowl of daal and some salad. Evening Snack: I stick to a cup of black coffee and some chicken breast/egg whites. Dinner: For my dinner, I have white rice, cottage cheese, kidney beans and soya chunks. I indulge in: I have reserved my cheat meals only for Sundays when I usually have one dosa or 1 cup of tea with some biscuits. My workout: I workout for 6 days a week and it mostly constitutes of intense weight training sessions. Fitness secrets I unveiled: I ensure that I eat according to my body type. I avoid eating chapatis and stick to white rice since I am gluten intolerant. I have also realised that not everything suits everyone. Hence, I steer clear of processed and packaged food and make sure that I am well-hydrated. I also try to meet my daily protein requirements. Weight gain: This guy gained a massive 20 kilos in just 3 months! This is HOW he did it How do I stay motivated? I love fitness and being a nutrition consultant, I have to stay fit and healthy. My mother plays a crucial role in keeping me right on the fitness track by motivating to me to prepare my daily meals to make sure I complete my macros intake. How do you ensure you don’t lose focus? My routine keeps me focused and motivated. I know that if I do not stick to my schedule, I might slip and go back to where I had begun. What’s the most difficult part of being skinny/underweight? There were literally no clothes available in my size, hence, I was not able to wear my favourite clothes or the clothes of my liking. Additionally, I was called skinny by every other guy in my class, which was really disheartening.

What are the lifestyle changes you made? Earlier, I used to wake up pretty late. When I decided that I needed to transform my physique and health, I started waking up at 4 in the morning. I loved eating fast food at one point of time but I had to quit it to ensure I only have healthy fat. I have learned the art of moderation.

What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? 10 years from now, I want to be a fitter and better version of myself.

What was the lowest point for you? Thankfully, I never quite hit a low because I believe that when you have unwavering dedication, you can never really fail. I keep trying and striving for success.

Lessons learnt from weight gain: The most important thing to remember is that fitness is not a short term goal. You have to make it a part of your lifestyle

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Source: indiatimes.com