For most women, getting back in shape post pregnancy is all that they aspire but it is not so easy as it sounds. It is easy to put on the kilos but very difficult to drop the same. For Arpita Rai, a new mother, something similar happened. Her weight shot up to 110 kilos in no time and it became difficult for her to even perform simple tasks, not to forget the lifestyle risks she encountered. But one fine day she decided to make the change and successfully lost over 45 kilos in a matter of six months. Wondering how she did it? Read her inspiring weight loss story to uncover some secrets!

Name: Arpita Rai Occupation: Housewife Age: 29 years Highest weight recorded: 110 kilos Weight lost: 45 kilos Duration to lose weight: 6 months The turning point: Post pregnancy and the birth of my baby, I piled on the kilos quickly. The most difficult point came when I could not even do simple household work or bend down. I was not even able to play or take care of my baby at times. This was when I decided to lose weight for good and be fitter for my baby. My breakfast: I like to have an apple and a bowl of oats with low-fat milk. My lunch: For my lunch, I have a bowl of daal and some boiled veggies with two chapatis. My dinner: I like to keep my dinner light. I just eat one chapati with some daal and veggies. On some days when I have a cheat meal, I prefer eating something spicy like rajma cooked at my home! My workout: I prefer working out in the mornings. I start my day with a brisk walk session, which continues for a good 45-50 minutes. Low calories recipe I swear by: Oats with low-fat milk is really healthy and yummy. I would like to suggest everyone trying to lose weight to eat this! Fitness secret I unveiled: It is okay to cheat on your diet from time to time but from my personal experience, I have realized that sugar is the biggest culprit in your diet. Ditching sugar is the best thing you can do. Trust me, you might feel very uneasy at first but being sugar-free helped me lose weight faster and maintain my lifestyle in a better way. How do I stay motivated? I still have old pictures of myself when I was obese and look very different from now. Whenever I feel a little low or have zero motivation to workout, I look at these photos and drive myself to do better. How do you ensure to not to lose focus? I knew that weight loss wasn't going to come easy and I had to keep a check on myself in every single way possible. So, I decided to install a calorie check app to keep my diet in control and ensure that I don't overdo my eating habits. What is the most difficult part of being overweight? I think one of the most prominent side-effects of being overweight is laziness and this happened to me too. I turned into a very lethargic person and got tired easily. I did not want to do anything. This cost me very badly. What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? I am not bothered about getting a zero figure or shape but for my own self, I want to feel fit, healthy and good.

What are the lifestyle changes you made? The first step was to change my diet. I avoid the three S-sugar, salt and sweet from my meals wherever and whenever I can.

What was the lowest point for you? I look back at myself and cannot recognise that phase of my life. Initially, when my weight was too high, I could not brisk walk for more than 10 minutes. Also, I have a sweet tooth and avoiding sugar was very difficult and depressing for me.

Lessons learnt from weight loss: Getting a six-pack, beach body like we see these celebs around us is not at all important. All that matters is being fit and healthy.

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