Let's be honest. No one wants to wake up early and hit the gym. At least not me and the people I know. But we do it more out of necessity than choice. I have two kids and a full time job and the sooner in the day I wrap up my workout, the better. I wake up before my kids rise and go about my day. Waking up at 5 am to be in the gym by 5.30 am and back by 7 am is anything but easy. There are friends who do it because they return late from work or have house chores to handle in the evening.

Moreover, morning is a great time to workout. Studies have shown that it helps you attain better results since you work out after 7-8 hours of sleep. But if you are not a morning person, there are some things that will surely help: Lay out things the night before Make sure that you lay out your gym clothes, socks, shoes, sipper as well as the gym bag a night before. This will help you save time in the morning and make your life hassle free. Knowing that everything you need is in place makes the morning hustle more bearable. Set multiple alarms First up, to wake up on time, you need to sleep on time. But most of us make the mistake of setting one alarm to wake up in the morning. If you set multiple alarms in a gap of 5-10 minutes, it will ensure that you finally leave the bed and have no scope to sleep over the alarm.

Have water as soon as you wake up

Do you know most health experts recommend that you start your day with a glass of water - warmer the better. This rule shouldn't change when you go for morning workout. Rise a little early and have a glass of water empty stomach, followed by a cup of black coffee for better performance at the gym. You can also keep some pre-workout munchies aside for the morning.

Find morning workout buddies

All said and done, it takes a lot of effort to wake up early for morning workouts. But things can become better if you find like minded people who can push you on days you feel like giving up and you can do the same for them. Having a workout group works really well. Moreover, such stable friendships are great for your mental health too.

Last but not the least, tell yourself every morning why you have to get out of the comfort of your bed and hit the gym. There is no replacement for self motivation and that's what you need the most when you are trying to add a workout to our every day routine.

Source: indiatimes.com