Messaging application WhatsApp is yet again working to introduce new features in order to make the experience more seamless for users. The company has reportedly started working on Vacation Mode again that will allow the users to mute their archived chats. As of now, there is a feature to archive chats. However, the user will get a notification even when a new message comes up, regardless of the chat being archived. With the introduction of Vacation Mode, the users will be able to disable this ability. The work on this particular feature was done earlier also but somehow the company did not continue it.
According to a report by WABetaInfo, the company has resumed working on it after a year and is planning to bring Vacation Mode for Android users. The feature is currently being tested on WhatsApp v2.20.199.8 beta for Android that WhatsApp has released. The application feature tracker has spotted development on this feature again in the beta mode. It is to note that users will not be able to look into the feature in the latest beta update. One the feature becomes available, users will be able to keep their chats in archive when a new message arrives. The report noted that the new version of the feature will come with a dedicated section for archived chats and will also focus on permitting the selection of different parameters.

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* How to turn on Vacation Mode
The report said that after the introduction of Vacation Mode, the option of archived chats will move to the top of the chat list and can be accessed by users upon tapping. After choosing the archived chats, users will be able to see a new button called ‘Notifications’ within the archived segment. In the Notifications segment there will be two options from where the users can select either ‘Notify New Messages’ or ‘Auto-hide inactive chats’. Selection from these options will set the behaviour of archived chats and its notification. The report said that the latter option is an extension of Vacation Mode. If this option is enabled, all chats that are older than six months will be archived.
Apart from this, the report mentioned that the company is also working on media guidelines which will help users to add interactive annotations on images, GIFs and videos. The feature is still under development and therefore, not available for beta as well.