The ZongoVation hub in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab on Saturday 24, April, held stakeholders engagement on how to use digital technology to curb the youth unemployment rate in the country. 

The engagement, held at the Afro Arab Auditorium in Accra, was attended by key stakeholders within the tech ecosystem to outline the skills, challenges, opportunities, as well as strategies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

According to the ZongoVation Hub, the main objectives of the stakeholders engagement was to help create a collaborative and consultative platform for stakeholders to drive digital skills and entrepreneurship. It will also inform and identify current market needs of industries/companies/job market and skills gaps to single out and bridge the gap that exist.

Further, the occasion was also meant to facilitate and deepen relationships and collaboration among local players, to forge focused agenda in the area of job creation for the youth, and foster ecosystem synergy.

The above objectives among many others were the focal point of the engagement as the country embraces the vast opportunities in technology.